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Get Your Calendar Out: Upcoming Concerts in Italy

Time to organize your music schedule! There are a bunch of artists coming to Italy in the coming months (mostly to Milan argh!), so what better way to see the country and catch a show?! Tickets can be purchased on GreenTicket or TicketOne sites. November 20th: Skunk Anansie at Rome’s Teatro Tendastrisce 20th: Francesco de Gregori at … Continue reading


Word of the Day: Bis

Today’s cute, little word of the day, bis, is a Latin adverb meaning twice. Not surprisingly,  since bi is used across many languages to refer to ‘two’ or ‘twice.’ Bis also has a theatrical meaning: an encore. Used in this way, as an exclamation, it means ‘play that part again!’ In other words, a crowd screams out, ‘Bis! Bis!’ … Continue reading