Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Passeggelato

Happy Vernal Equinox, everyone! And in honor of this first day of Spring (which Rome is really honoring quite nicely – way to clear up yesterday’s drizzle!), I offer you a delicious and refreshing new portmanteau: passeggelato. Passeggelato is derived from two of Italy’s most enduring and loveable pastimes – the afternoon passeggiata and the … Continue reading

Food & Drink (godiamoci la vita)

Brunching in Rome: Bocca di Dama

Brunch in Rome is a curious thing. It occupies a vague position, hovering somewhere between the traditional, big Sunday lunch and the cram-a-bunch-of-different-salads-and-breadstuffs-onto-your-plate aperitivo tradition. What it has little in common with, however, is the French Toast and Eggs Benedict-fueled, Bloody Mary-lubed brunches of the US of A. I haven’t done much Italian brunching so … Continue reading

Music & Nightlife (dove c'è la musica è tutto bello)

In the Spotlight: Big Mama

Here in Rome, we’re always looking down. Not that there aren’t beautiful sites above eye-level (Michelangelo’s cupola, I’m looking at you), but with every step across this city, you’re meandering over 3000 years of history. From catacombs to hidden cities to everything in between, there’s always something cool downstairs. But on one small street in … Continue reading