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Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico?

Her knuckles tensed. “That’s my thigh,” whined campaign manager Bob Dugan. Rhianne only squeezed harder. As the results rolled in from across the country, victory seemingly began to slip from her fingertips, despite her everlasting grip on Bob’s trembling gams. CNN’s Election Center then posted an image that secured her fate. The race was over: … Continue reading

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Some people say they know they can’t believe…

..Nettuno we have a baseball team!* Ah, Summer. There’s nothing quite like unpacking the old leather and Wonderboy, listening to the crack of the bat, gargling out a few aimless “hey battah battah whaddya say kid?”s, and dragging on a cigarette while sipping some espresso. Wait. What? Yes, there may be a few quirks thrown … Continue reading

Opinion & Comment (pensieri e perplessità)

Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico?

Take a second and let this song get sufficiently stuck in your head. Cool. On with the post. Welcome to the inaugural, official, Young-in-Rome-sponsored contest: Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico? Our dear friend San Domenico is posing oh so seductively in the picture above in an unspecified location. The first person to post in the … Continue reading

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Rome’s Non-Catholic Cemetery

When you step into the Non-Catholic Cemetery, time suspends. The cemetery is encased in a constant cool, refreshing the air in lieu of its ever-reclining populace. The whir of wheel on asphalt from the nearby Piazzale Ostiense is absorbed by the rustling boughs of tall cyprus trees that line the rows of tombstones, young and … Continue reading

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Cortoons: The International Short Animated Film Festival

What? (see title) When? March 14th-18th. Here’s a link to the daily program. Where? The Palladium Theater, Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, 8. Who? Academy Award winner Bill Plympton is the guest of honor, while the festival will feature shorts by animated filmmakers from all over the globe. Cost? Free. Yes, “free” is apparently a word. There’s even a definition. Free, … Continue reading

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Rome Day Trip: Etruscan Tombs at Tarquinia

The details: What: Etruscan tombs, ancient artifacts, Italian hill town Time of trip: 5+ hours Cost: 20-25 € (potentially less due to student discounts and general thriftiness) Fun: A ton of The ancient Etruscan city of Tarquinii once adorned a hilltop in what is now the Italian province of Viterbo, around 2,500 years ago. Little … Continue reading

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Santo Stefano Rotondo

I like circles. Squares are bad. But for some odd reason (practicality, most likely), we as a species have shunned the circular building in modern times. The obvious exception to this would be stadiums, but their raucous atmosphere defeats the calm that one tends to experience in the absence of corners. When Supreme Leader Gingrich … Continue reading

Art & Culture (le cose belle) / Historical Sites (l'antichità)

Il Quartiere Coppedè

While the quartiere Coppedè may seem far, it is quite close to a few other gems of north-east Rome. If visiting the neighborhood, one should certainly try the locally famous and incredibly refreshing limoncoco drink that is served at a small kiosk in the middle of Piazza Buenos Aires. If you have plenty of daylight, … Continue reading