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Get Your Calendar Out: Upcoming Concerts in Italy

Time to organize your music schedule! There are a bunch of artists coming to Italy in the coming months (mostly to Milan argh!), so what better way to see the country and catch a show?! Tickets can be purchased on GreenTicket or TicketOne sites. November 20th: Skunk Anansie at Rome’s Teatro Tendastrisce 20th: Francesco de Gregori at … Continue reading


Word of the Day: Bis

Today’s cute, little word of the day, bis, is a Latin adverb meaning twice. Not surprisingly,  since bi is used across many languages to refer to ‘two’ or ‘twice.’ Bis also has a theatrical meaning: an encore. Used in this way, as an exclamation, it means ‘play that part again!’ In other words, a crowd screams out, ‘Bis! Bis!’ … Continue reading


Weekend Lowdown: MedFilm Festival, Stanley Kubrick as Photog, Rione Monti Hoopla, & Dancing!

MedFilm Festival 2012: In its 18 edition, the Mediterranean Film Festival, the main festival promoting European and Mediterranean cinema in Italy, lands in Rome. Films from many countries will be shown, including Algeria, Slovenia, Cyprus, Romania, France, and more. The opening ceremony (invitation only) will take place today, Friday the 19th at 8 PM. The festival goes … Continue reading