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My Pick of the Day on Rome’s Birthday

What was my favorite event of Rome’s day-long birthday party? At 6pm, in the Circus Maximus, the Roman historical acting group, Gruppo Storico Romano, re-enacted the Parilia, the ancient Roman agricultural festival that was celebrated every April 21st (Did ancient Romans have an April 21st? Yes, our current calendar originates from the calendar of Julius … Continue reading

Happening Now (quel che succede oggi)

Happy Birthday Rome!

Buon Compleanno Roma! Today is Rome’s official Birthday, with too many candles on its cake to count (over 2,000)! Best of all this means lots of free, fun events, including (more)FREE museums! We suggest the MACRO (Rome’s Museum of Contemporary Art), and the Ara Pacis (first-century Emperor Augustus’s monumental Altar of Peace). But don’t forget Raphael’s Fornarina … Continue reading