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Holy Week, Batman!

Between Rome’s birthday today, Holy Week going on right now, Easter on Sunday, and JP2’s beatification next week, there is a lot happening here in the Eternal City.  But, let’s focus on one at a time.  Because today is Maundy Thursday, and, religious inclinations aside, I think we can all agree that is one of the better feast day names.  Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper – which was, incidentally, a Pesach seder.

Nowadays, it kicks off the four days leading up to Easter.

Friday: Via della Conciliazione, otherwise known as the road leading from the Tiber straight into the Vatican, has been playing host to the world’s largest Stations of the Cross for the last month or so.  Good Friday seems like a good time to visit these bronze sculptures, on loan from Chile and conceived and made in the Renaissance style (wax casting and all) by sculptors Giuseppe Allamprese and Pasquale Nava.

Saturday: As everything without chiesa, basilica, or San Pietro  in its name will be closed on Sunday, hit up the markets on Saturday for the makings of a little Easter Feaster.  We’re partial to Mercato Testaccio, Mercato Trionfale, or the super local offerings on hand, and selflessly sampled by Revealed Rome, at Circo Massimo.  

Sunday: For Easter services in English, may we recommend Santa Susanna (Catholic), St. Paul’s Within the Walls (Episcopalian), or All Saints (Anglican).  And if you didn’t make it to the market on Saturday, check out Parla Food’s Guide to Dining Around Rome on Easter.

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