Food & Drink (godiamoci la vita)

A Suggested Itinerary for a Foodie Saturday in Testaccio

1)      Start at Pasticceria Barberini. Hop off at the Via Marmorata (Galvani) bus stop on the #3, 8, 23, 30, 75, 280, or 716 buses. Delicious fresh-made cornetti and pastries, and cappuccinos with chocolate designs on the foam: YES, PLEASE.

2)      Move next door to Volpetti. Prosciutto, formaggio, olio, oh my! This little store is chock-full of legs of meat with the hooves still on, prepared pastas, fried mozzarella, endless cheeses (Pecorino from red cows…). You won’t be able to stop looking. But stop for a second to sample and wish you had more money to buy everything.

3)  Take a left out of Volpetti and walk down Via Marmorata. Take a left down Via Bodoni and you will see a huge covered market. Browse the seafood, meat, produce, breads, and random clothing shops, and pick a few things out for a nice weekend meal.

4) Walk back down Via Marmorata and check out the huge pyramid to your right (135 full feet of overcompensation…). This is actually the 2,000 year old burial of Gaius Cestius, a Roman magistrate in the first century. Walk through Parco della Resistenza dell’otto Settembre with your goodies. Stopping to sit on park benches and enjoy the scenery is highly encouraged.

5) Head home and cook up a storm!

6) Enjoy 🙂

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