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Rendezvous with French Films

Tonight marks the start of Rendez-Vous, a new French film festival here in Rome.  The festivities kick off this evening at 9 with a screening of L’Auberge Espangole at San Luigi di Francia.  A personal favorite of yours truly, this charming film tells the story of a French student spending at year at the ERASMUS program in Barcelona and the eclectic apartment full of other expats where he lives. If you can’t make it tonight, the festival runs through Sunday at three locations:

Centre Saint-Louis de France: Career retrospective of Cédric Klapisch and the premiere of his latest film, Ma part du gateau, on Sunday

La Casa del Cinema: Featuring screenings of new films

Accademia di Francia – Villa Medici: A look at young French cinema

Note – all films are in their original language (ten bucks says it’s French), with Italian subtitles.  Complete listing of all films here.  Oh, and in case this didn’t sound cool and cultural enough already, all screenings are free and will be followed by convos with actors, directors and producers.

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