Latte e Menta

It’s June. It’s Rome. It’s hot.

Yesterday afternoon, my Italian friend Caterina and I took a much needed coffee break from work, except that we couldn’t handle our usual caffe in the heat. She recommended a latte e menta, a milk with mint, instead. I’m not gonna lie, I was skeptical. Milk with mint? She said it was a Roman specialty. I personally am not such a huge fan of mint in general…but I was curious so got one as well.

The barista grabbed 2 glasses, filled them a quarter of the way with mint syrup, the rest with cold milk, and slid the green mixture in front of us. A stir with a spoon, the first sip: O. M. G. (Oh Milky Goodness).

The mint with the milk was just right, not too sweet, and not too minty. Only refreshing.

So in the afternoon when you can’t deal with a hot coffee, go for a latte e menta. Try it.

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