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Roma Vintage: Nostalgia Under the Stars

This photo of Bon Jovi at the United Center in 2008 has very little to do with Roma Vintage, but you know, 80's, rock and roll, all that good stuff?

Summer in Rome.  When the sun is shining, the air is sticky, and the temperature has finally budged from that intolerable 51 degrees Farenheit it felt compelled to rest at all winter (okay, okay, maybe it got a little bit colder, but seriously?  Scarves in May?  Come on people, this isn’t Chicago – where it actually snows in May).  And to celebrate the final shedding of the oddly shiny and overly puffy winter coats adorning Roma’s finest throughout those long, bleak months, literally everything moves outdoors.  Honestly, with the exception of, well, working, I don’t anticipate being inside again from now until September. I didn’t buy that hammock for nothing.  So, in the coming weeks, be on the lookout for all kinds of al fresco entertainment coming at ya.  Like Cleopatra.  Sorry.  Anyway, things kick off this weekend with the opening of Roma Vintagean all-summer tribute to all things 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.  The festival, located at Parco San Sebastiano (not far from the Circus Maximus), features a daily lineup of music, dance, films, and various workout classes.  The whole schedule is available (in ENGLISH!) on the website, including concerts and dance nights co-sponsored by Circolo degli Artisti.

Where: Parco di San Sebastiano/Piazzale Numo Pompilio – a short walk from the Circo Massimo Metro B stop
When: Events run daily from June 10-August 15
How Much: Most things are free but a few have €15 tickets – check the site for more details
Why: Because none of us can resist a Wednesday spent doing the “Summertime Boogie”

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