Sports in Rome

With the US Open finishing today, pennant races all across baseball heating up and the NFL kicking off this past week, sports are perhaps on the minds of more expats than in a typical week.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find an outlet to get back into organized sports, particularly those of us who don’t play soccer.  There are a few options though.

Along the Lungotevere north of the center of town there are various clubs that have tennis courts and small-field soccer fields – some calcetto (5 players a side) and some calciotto (8 players a side).  While some places require you to be a member to use their facilities, others do not and you can rent a court or field by the hour.  Circolo della Stampa off Piazza Mancini (+39 06 64520939) has four very well kept clay courts and another four astroturf courts that double for tennis and calcetto.  Prices run 12-18 euros an hour depending on the time of day.

In the Villa Doria Pamphili on Sunday afternoons (usually starting around 2:30 or 3pm) there’s an ultimate frisbee game that’s a nice mix of expats and Italians.  They play on the main field in the center of the villa.

At the same time there’s a softball game on the other side of the park, across Via Leone XIII and close to the Via Aurelia Antica.  The players are mostly Filipino, with a few Italians thrown in, and the stray American that really wanted to play baseball.

Softball in Villa Pamphili

We’re planning on organizing a game of American football one of these weeks and getting a weekly running group going so if you have any interest in either one contact us at

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