Art & Culture (le cose belle)

Modern Mattatoio: Photo Exhibit at the MACRO Testaccio

The MACRO Testaccio, the outer-borough, abandoned slaughterhouse-housed, younger sibling of one of Rome’s leading contemporary art museums, is currently playing host to FotoGrafia – Rome’s International Photography Festival.  Now in its tenth year, and second at the MACRO, FotoGrafia is promoting contemporary photography by bringing together artists emerging at the national and international level.

Some highlights of the festival include American artist Alec Soth’s “La Belle Dame sans Merci”, the group shows “Motherland,” curated by Marco Delogu,  “Wherever I Lay My Camera Down is Home” curated by Paul Wombell,  “Datascapes” curated by Valentina Tanni and “The Place Where I Belong” curated by Marc Prüst, as well as “Wine Views”, a collaboration with Gambero Rosso to develop a relationship between the art world and the wine world.

In addition to what’s on view at MACRO-T, several other venues and international academies throughout the city are hosting affiliated shows.  Check out the website for more information.


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