Food & Drink (godiamoci la vita)

Top 5: Gelato

Ciampini – For the most part bars (coffee shops) don’t have particularly good gelato, but Ciampini is the exception that proves the rule.  Their marron glace (candied chestnuts) is one of the best flavors in town.  And if you can make it past that, lampone e fondente – raspberry and dark chocolate – is another great choice.

Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, 29

Gelateria dei Gracchi – The only time the north and the south seem to get along in this country is in a cup of gelato – pistacchio from Bronte in Sicilia, and nocciola from Le Langhe in Piemonte.   But they make such a good pairing that many a gelateria is judged on these two flavors and Gelateria dei Gracchi might have the best in town.

Via dei Gracchi, 272; Viale Regina Margherita, 212; Via Tuscolana 251

Gelateria del Teatro – Taking its name from the theater that sits above, this little hole in the wall gelateria, off the often overlooked Via dei Coronari, has its own little alleyway with a few small tables so you can enjoy your cup or cone without any distractions.  Seasonal fruit flavors are hard to pass up, and salvia e lampone – sage and raspberry – is excellent as well.

Via di San Simone, 70

Il Gelato di Claudio Torcé – Red bell pepper, tomato, salted peanuts, brie and wild berries, rice banana and honey, gorgonzola…the list of amazing flavors just continues.  Don’t miss the dozen varieties of chocolate either.  The only problem might be flavor envy when you like your friend’s choice better than yours.

Piazza Monte d’Oro; Viale Aeronautica, 105; Viale Aventino, 59

Origini – Sicilians do sweets right.  Almost any Italian will admit the best desserts come from the countries largest island.  This recent addition to the Roman gelato scene (2009) quickly made its way to the top of many lists.  Their biscotto variegato is a perfect balance of cookies and cream, while citrus fruit flavors hit the mark for sweet and sour combos.

Via Del Gesù 73/a

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