Music & Nightlife (dove c'è la musica è tutto bello)

Fleet Foxes in Rome

The Roma Jazz Festival is now fully underway for the rest of the month, but if you’re looking for something more of the folk-pop variety, then next Thursday is your day. The Fleet Foxes, straight outta the Pacific Northwest, are bringing their unique brand of folksy Neil Young-Brian Wilson-Bob Dylan-late Beatles-esque music to the Atlantico here in Rome.  The Atlantico is a newish-spot down in EUR whose small size should provide a perfect venue for these guys, once described to me by a friend hearing them for the first time as “the new sound I didn’t even realize I was looking for.”

If you go…
Where: Atlantico Live, Viale del Oceano Atlantico 271 (not far from either of the EUR stops on the B)
When: Thursday, November 17th
How much: General admission is 28.75, available for purchase here

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