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O’Keefing it Real, in Rome

Attempts to create a clever caption for this photo inevitably lead back to one word: Horny. Take it from there, readers.

If you find yourself needing a break from classical and Renaissance art, of which there is a ‘healthy’ presence in Rome, check out the Georgia O’Keefe exhibit, going on until January 20th.

The collaboration between the Georgia O’Keefe Museum of Santa Fe and the Fondazione Roma Museum make for a stimulating environment to peruse the artist’s works. The striking colors of O’Keefe’s nature and architecture-themed paintings are enhanced by the rooms of the museum, which were transformed to portray the artist’s dwellings at different points of her life.

In my amateur opinion of art, I thought the exhibit was great, and definitely worth the trip to a very crowded Via del Corso. As an American woman, perhaps I gained even more pleasure from this exhibit, seeing that O’Keefe was both American and one of the first women painters to gain public attention and accolade in a mainly male-dominated early 20th century art world.

The Fondazione Roma Museum is not very big, which made the O’Keefe exhibit doable in under one hour. Furthermore, since the museum is not one of the main ‘attractions’ of Rome, it isn’t very crowded, which allows for better art-viewing, and less peoples all up in your business.

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