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Frantoi Aperti

Sam proves how delicious fresh pressed oil is with the infamous "pinkie test"

The leaves are changing, the novello is flowing and the weather is dropping all the way into the 60’s with occasional chance of rain. That must mean one thing – it’s fall in Italy! And whether your favorite part of the autumnal season is chestnuts roasting over a large hot pan on every street corner, the need to occasionally wear a scarf and carry an umbrella or the impending challenge of Thanksgiving abroad, we can all agree on one awesome thing about fall that carries us through the rest of the year – the olive harvest. Right now, olive trees across the country are getting shook down to yield their fruity goodness. They’ll be moving swiftly through the presses and into bottles for our year-round enjoyment. And since here in Italy just about anything is an excuse for a party, olive mills around Umbria are opening up their doors and throwing a festa or two in the piazza.  For the duration of the olive harvest, Umbrian towns are participating in Frantoi Aperti (open olive mills).  Head up to Spoleto, Assisi, Spello or one of the others to see the olive mills in action and try this nectar of the gods straight off the press – you won’t necessarily recognize it as olive oil, but you will recognize it as one of the greatest things you’ve ever tasted. Fact.

Frantoi Aperti runs through December 11th at towns throughout Umbria. Check out the program for a full calendar and list of associated events.

2 thoughts on “Frantoi Aperti

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  2. Hi There we from South Africa , My Wife will be in Rome for only 1 day , what is the chance I may ask if we can arrange for you to help us out by taking 5lit fresh oil and a Tubb of Olives to some meeting point or if you could meet het at the airport . This will really be appreciated .

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