Food & Drink (godiamoci la vita)

Tuna to the tune of 38 kilos

Fish deliveries come in every morning at Pierluigi – they work with a few different purveyors who buy for them at the auctions – and yesterday this tuna came in.  By the end of lunch today it was almost all gone.  38 kgs (85 lbs) of tuna in two days, not bad.








It starts out as tuna tartare, which is mixed with a light olive oil and mustard sauce, and then garnished with kiwis.

After that it becomes either bocconcini di tonno or is served as tuna steaks, seared on the outside with salt, pepper and oregano and then finished in the oven with a balsamic reduction.

Last, but certainly not least, it makes its way into a pasta dish.  Ragu di tonno con gamberi – that is topped off with a fresh arugula and a pesto di rucola.

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