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Top 5: Pizza

Ai Marmi
Strolling down Viale Trastevere, it’s hard to miss the blinding white “PIZZERIA” sign on this bustling locale, particularly with the hordes of hungry customers spilling out onto the sidewalk and taking over an outdoor dining area roughly twice the size of many restaurants in this town. But it’s the marble tabletops (Ai Marmi = at the marbles) inside that give a name to this home of one of the best thin-crust, well-topped Roman style pizzas in the city.

Viale Trastevere, 53 – Closed Wednesdays

Da Remo and Nuovo Mondo
These dueling pizzerias down in Testaccio are just a block away from each other, a nominal distance that could just as easily be a metaphor for the difference in their already astronomically high levels of quality – not much. Both deliver awesome versions of this city’s eponymous thin crust style – the Ortolona, full of fresh veggies, might be the winner at Nuovo Mondo, while Da Remo’s classic Margherita is perfectly balanced and nearly impossible to beat.

Da Remo: Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44
Nuovo Mondo: Via Amerigo Vespucci, 9/17

Formula Uno
Located “across the tracks” in the student quarter of San Lorenzo, north of Termini, Formula Uno offers a consistently pleasing and inexpensive version of the cracker-thin classic. A great place to fuel up prior to an evening of exploring this young neighborhood – and its plethora of good beer bars.

Via Degli Equi, 13

La Pratolina
Not your typical thin crust Roman pies, but not the fluffy Neapolitan either. La Pratolina, not far from the Vatican, is actually a ‘pinseria’, named for the ‘pinsa’ bread they use for their rectangular pies built on thick but airy and flavorful crusts. It’s one of the few pizza joints that take reservations, and they’re necessary any day of the week. Except Sundays, because they’re closed.

Via degli Scipioni, 248

La Montecarlo
Known for its typically brusk Roman service, ushering people in and out a little more quickly than they might like, the waiters here are like actors, making as much of a scene as possible. But theatrics aside, they serve some of the best pizza near Piazza Navona and are much more popular with the locals than over-touristed Da Baffetto around the corner.

Vicolo Savelli 13

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