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Brunching in Rome: Gusto

Eat with gusto at Gusto

Come hungry and come early!
That’s the advice I would give to anyone who wants to check out Gusto’s brunch (every weekend, Saturday and Sunday).

Just a few steps away from the Ara Pacis Museum, and a few steps the other way from Via del Corso, you can find the Gusto complex (Gusto the Restaurant, Gusto the Pizzeria, Gusto the Wine Bar, Gusto the Osteria). If you can find your way around their huge manor of an establishment, the brunch is located in Gusto the Pizzeria. Or easier, get in the huge line of people waiting to leave their name on the list. Outside seating is also available.

Once you have been seated in the impressive, factory-looking space, you will be given a card, which will be used to track how much you eat, in grams. The minimum price to spend is 15 euros, which gets you 500 grams of food.  After that, you get charged by each 100 grams. Once you grab a plate and fill it with yumminess, you stop by the man with the scale, he weighs your food, and then writes it down on your card. Each additional fill-up will be added accordingly.

Now, on to the spread: wow! There is a large buffet, offering just about everything. The only thing lacking from the buffet, (oddly enough considering it is indeed “brunch”), was eggs. There were pastas, meat, chicken, cheeses, salamis, salads galore, a huge table of just vegetables, and a generous selection of cakes. Definitely something to please any appetite. Not to mention waiters are constantly coming from the kitchen, replenishing empty plates, so don’t fret, there’s enough for everyone!.

Where: Gusto – Pizzeria, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9
Cost: Minimum 15 euro, then depends on how much you eat after 500 grams. Free orange juice and Nescafè coffee.

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