Christmas Lights in Rome

High dee ho, it’s December! And December in Rome means only one thing – CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!!!  The city is lighting up starting tonight, with fun holiday events throughout the month to match.  Check out the official website for a map of the lights, and read on for what’s coming up over the next week!

December 1st
Natale in Musica
Christmas Music
8pm: Concert conducted by Alessandro Greco in Piazza Mignanelli
8:30pm: Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno turns on the lights from via Frattina to via dei Prefetti, via del Babuino to via Ripetta, and via della Croce to via dei Giubbonari

December 2nd
Natale in eleganza
Elegant Christmas
8:00pm: Gianni Alemanno returns to the tree lighting stage as he illuminates the stores lining Via Borgogna

December 3rd
La via del lusso
The street of luxury
5:30pm: Roman lights go international tonight as Mayor-about-town Gianni Alemanno lights up Via Condotti at at the same time as the tree on Mokhovaya Street all the way over in Moscow!
6:00pm: The Carabinieri band will be playing a concert in Piazza di Spagna
6:30pm: Brindisi di Natale – a Christmas toast at Caffe Greco!
7:00pm: Gospel choir at Santissima Trinita degli Spagnoli (Via Condotti 41)

December 6th
Un Natale di pace
A Christmas of peace
6:00: The Christmas spirit comes to Termini as Gianni Alemanno and Mauro Moretti  light the “Grand tree of Desire” at Termini, while by the magic of technology, telecommunications, and synchronized watches, the tree in the central square in Krakow, Poland gets its sparkly lights on simultaneously.

December 7th
Un Natale di luce A Christmas of light
There’s no specific information on where light celebrations are taking place this night in EUR, but come on, it’s EUR, are you really going to go anyway?

December 8th
Natale Tricolore
7:00pm: Mayor Alemanno wraps up his whirlwind tour of Rome’s oversized light switches with a special show in Piazza Venezia. Accompanied by President of Italy Giorgio Napolitano, these guys will flip the switch on the Christmas lights dedicated to 150 years of Italian unity.

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