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Christmas Market in Piazza Navona

A little evening shopping in Piazza Navona

It’s Christmas time in Rome, and that means one thing – fortune tellers, candy, and a carousel in Piazza Navona.  The Piazza Navona Holiday Market, which has slowly been coming to life over the last few weeks, with the addition of semi-permanent vendor stalls and the aforementioned carousel, is now in full-swing. Head into the center for a dose of Christmas cheer – brought to you by way of carnival games, porchetta sandwiches, enormous 3 euro donuts (called ciambelle maxi), and plenty of gifts for sale. The market is open all day every day for the duration of the holiday season, and is a great place to pick up some Christmas decorations (miniature trees abound!), a nativity scene or two (presepi in Italian), or a puppet/key chain/ornament of the traditional befana – the witch-like old woman who delivers candy to good little Italian children on Epiphany Eve.

7 thoughts on “Christmas Market in Piazza Navona

  1. Thanks so much for posting about this! Me and my friend Hannah will definitely check it out during our visit. Sadly we’re flying budget and don’t have carry-on luggage to take home Christmas presents 🙂

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