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Get Your Dance On: Wednesday Night Events

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated in Italy on Thursday December 8th. If you’ve got Thursday off, or are just looking to have some fun on a Wednesday night, check these events out.

At Lanificio 159: If you’re looking for your fix of award-winning Italian indie-rock, head over to what I like to call, ‘hipster heaven,’ aka Lanificio 159 at 10 PM on Wednesday. They will be hosting Salerno-born band, A Toys Orchestra. Tickets cost 10 euros. More info here, in Italian only.
At Rising Love: Hip spot Rising Love hosts a ‘Pop Icon Party’ this Wednesday. That means that the DJ will ‘only’ be spinning: 50s to 90s, pop, rock, punk, indie, electro, glam, trash, eclectic pop, motown, psychedelic garage rock, bubblegum pop, new wave, ska, bollywood, japanese pop, doo wop and mash ups. Entrance fee is 7 euros, and they ask you to don a t-shirt of your favorite pop icon. More info here, only in Italian.
At Circolo degli Artisti: Show up at 10 PM for the ‘Glamda Special Immaculate Party.’ In addition to their regular DJs, Dutch electro-pop band, Mason will make a special appearance. Entrance is 8 euros, more info here, in Italian. (If you just want to hang out, there is also a large outdoor garden space, and if it’s not too cold, why not!?)
At 30 Formiche: Supposedly the next big rock sensation out of east Rome, catch Moster Dead at 10 PM. Also sharing the stage with them is Wow! Another group from Rome, playing ‘indie’ songs. Info here, in Italian of course! Entrance is free, if you sign up for their membership card.

Not up for a big ‘thing’? Since most people will not be working on Thursday, my hunch is that most restaurants and bars will be open bustling as well, with lots of people out, enjoying their day off, er, the Madonna.

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