Natale all’Auditorium

The Auditorium at the Parco della Musica launches the music portion of their Christmas season, tomorrow, December 8th (the ice skating rink is already in full swing) when Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore takes the stage at 9pm to present his latest album “Demolished Thoughts”.  Check out their calendar for the full list of events – running until the holiday season ends on January 8th. Highlights include the Roma Gospel Festival, from December 20th-30th, BioArmon Kids, a daily workshop for children integrating music, color, breathing and geometry to develop their musical ears, performances from Swedish singer/songwriter Jay Jay Johanson (Dec 14th ) and British/Greek/American/German artist Alexi Murdoch (Dec 16th), and the Voci Bianche and JuniOrchestra performing a selection celebrating both Christmas and the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification.

In addition to the musical lineup and aforementioned skating rink, if you venture up to the auditorium, you will also be rewarded with a Christmas market – open daily from 10 until 9. Ice skating, artisanal wares, and a bit of music – sounds like a perfect holiday season day.

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