This Weekend in Rome: December 9-11

Friday: Fabio Zeppetella brings his Quartet tonight to AlexanderPlatz, Italy’s oldest jazz club, and located right here in Rome’s Prati neighborhood. The show starts at 10:30, and costs 15 euro for a monthly membership (which gains you entrance to shows for the rest of the month free of charge).

Saturday:  Wanting to spend the afternoon at the MAXXI, but looking to do a little sweets and scarves shopping beforehand? Well, you’re in luck, because the Mercatino di Natale opens Saturday in Piazza Ankara, just a short walk from the contemporary art museum. This four-day market features wine tastings, local produce, seasonal treats, crafts, and music throughout the day. Open all day, everyday from Saturday the 10th-Tuesday the 13th.

Sunday: This Sunday is your last chance of the season to taste the olio nuovo fresh off the olive presses. Umbrian olive mills have been open all fall, and it wraps up this weekend with L’ Oro di Spello and 50th Annual festa dell’ Olivo e sagra della bruschetta.  So head on up for a day of hiking, tasting, concert, and, for some reason, a modern dance presentation.

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