Roman Winter Sports

While we may not get a lot of snow here in the Eternal City, that doesn’t mean we don’t like our winter sports! Throughout the holiday season, you have a few good options to practice your triple lutz and that ever-elusive Panchenko twist. TOE PICK!

Parco della Musica
Eight euros gets you on the ice and a pair of skates on which to glide around. From now until December 23rd, the rink is open from 2pm-9pm Monday thru Thursday, from 2pm-midnight on Fridays, 10am-2am on Saturdays, and 10am-midnight on Sundays. From December 24th until January 8th, the rink opens daily from 9am until midnight, staying open until 2am on Saturdays, and until 1am on New Year’s Eve.

Castel Sant’Angelo
Just like last year, you can get your skate on under the watchful gaze of that angel on top of Castel Sant’Angelo, as their skating rink opens daily at 10am, as of last Saturday. Price info to follow.

Re di Roma
Ice Park has returned to Piazza Re di Roma, complete with daily ice skating and a replica Dolomite village. Just because.

Tor di Quinto
Should you find yourself up by Tor di Quinto and in need of an ice-based sporting activity, their ice rink, located in Parco Tor di Quinto, is open daily from 10am-9pm, now through January 10th.

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