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Thursday Fun: Modeselektor and UfO

As a big proponent of ‘Thursday night is practically the weekend,’ I bring to you two cool events going on this week.

Modeselektor: Parioli’s Piper Club hosts these super famous Berlin-based DJs this Thursday. Modeselektor is currently on tour, thankfully making a stop in Rome to promote their new album, Monkeytown. If you’re in the mood for some electronic music, drawing heavily from hip-hop, glitch, and electro, Modeselektor is the band for you. I’ve seen them live and can say that it is not a show to be missed. I will be in attendance this Thursday, so if you see me, come over and say hi!
Where: Piper Club- Via Tagliamento, 9
Price: 20 euros
More info on the event’s page, in Italian.

UfO – A Freak in a Trip: Over in Pigneto, Circolo degli Artisti hosts a night of rock n’ roll, garage, indie rock, and electro, recalling famous parties of the 60s London scene.
According to the night’s flyer, UfO (Underground Freak Out) is a rock party for all of us who feel at home only when we are traveling, us who embrace the ‘vagabond’ lifestyle. In addition to the multiple DJs taking the stage, there will also be a light show!
Where: Circolo degli Artisti, Via Casilina Vecchia, 42
Price: Free entry!
For more info, check out the event’s page, in Italian.

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