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Brunching in Rome: Angelina

Right up the block from the MACRO museum in Testaccio, you find Angelina, offering ‘classic’ Italian food, with seasonal variations. Looking like a restaurant transported directly from NYC’s SOHO area, they also offer a Sunday brunch. But don’t think you can just saunter over there expecting to get seated, reservations are a must!

The spread is quite impressive: they offer a little bit of everything. There were a few fish dishes, chicken, meat, liver, quiches, lasagnas, many vegetable options, salads, etc. They also replenished all empty dishes, and even brought out other plates during the brunch, so keep checking back to see what’s on the buffet line! And of course, it is all-you-can-eat. The only thing lacking, as I find with every brunch I have had so far in Rome, were the egg dishes.
Coffee is included in the brunch, but other beverages and desserts are not. Go during the holiday season and get a free cup of mulled wine, or glühwein, or vin brulé, or whatever other language you prefer.

Where: Angelina in Testaccio, Via Galvani, 24/a
When: Sundays from noon- 4 PM
Price: 15 euros for all-you-can-eat buffet + coffee
For more info and the reservation line, check out their site.

2 thoughts on “Brunching in Rome: Angelina

  1. Well it’s Nescaffè, in a big red mug. I asked for my coffee with milk, my friend asked for a regular caffè (espresso). So they seemed amenable to various coffee requests!

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