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Pizza Break: Naples by Way of Rome

While here at Young in Rome we’ve already extensively detailed our favorite pizzerias, I am compelled to admit that we did loft a fair amount of focus onto the local specialty – the cracker-thin, yet somehow strong enough to support a hefty amount of cheese and toppings Roman-style. And while I could probably eat Roman pizza all day, every day (a nice, eggy capricciosa for breakfast, get some veggies in with an ortolana at lunch, and maybe the salty punch of a fiori di zucca or Quattro formaggio for dinner), a little crust-girth variation is always nice. And so, twice in the last month, I’ve found myself braving the Metro A, risking 9pm closures and all, to head out to Furio Camillo and taste what might be some of the tastiest Neapolitan pizza this side of Mt. Vesuvius, courtesy of a little place called (what else?) La Vera Napoli.

In all fairness, I’ve never been to Naples, so I can’t make any kind of objective (or subjective, for that matter) statement on its equality to or superiority over the creations of that vaunted city, but I can say it’s pretty darn tasty and the best I’ve had in Rome.

This little locale runs a mostly take-out and delivery operation (they have pizza delivery in Rome? Who knew??), but if you’re lucky enough to catch a nice evening and the one table is available, you can dine al fresco. Which I recommend, because when you’re the only ones dining in, you don’t have to deal with any of that waiting business, and the second that pizza is ready, out it comes, emanating a cloud of steam from which you could easily give yourself a mozzarella facial. Oh, and the crust – providing a nice break from the Roman flatbread, it strikes the ideal balance of soft and puffy, while still retaining a touch of chewiness and heft.

With crust this perfect, toppings this classically delicious (the DOC, with mozzarella di bufala, and Diavolo, with salame piccante, are particularly exceptional), and prices this low (starting at 3.50 for the margherita, and topping out around 6), Furio Camillo is about to become decidedly less outer-borough, at least in my mind. Plus, the Blind Pig is nearby, providing both an outstanding beer selection and the answer to your onion ring cravings.

La Vera Napoli is located at Via Muzio Scevola 47, and is a five minute walk from the Furio Camillo stop on the Metro A.

5 thoughts on “Pizza Break: Naples by Way of Rome

  1. I am a big fan of Naples-style pizza. Despite being Roman, Roman pizza for me is not even worth being labelled as a pizza: it’s a burnt and thin dough!
    My favorite Naples-style pizzeria at the moment is Made in Nepols, in via Varese 54, near Termini station

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