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Frescoes and French Diplomats – Visiting the Palazzo Farnese

The Palazzo Farnese and its namesake Piazza are located just meters from, and with a view of, the chaos of Campo de’ Fiori, but to traverse those few steps and enter a square adorned by fountains made of reclaimed tubs from the Baths of Caracalla and dominated by the imposing facade of this Renaissance palazzo … Continue reading

Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Scemo

Coming from the Italian verb, scemare, or to decrease, or wane, scemo means: idiot, fool, stupid, dim-witted, silly, twit, dumb… It’s not particularly nice to call someone a scemo (pronounced shehmo), but let’s be honest, sometimes you just gotta. Scemo can be used in two ways: 1- Scemo the noun- ‘Non fare lo scemo!’ – Don’t be stupid; don’t play … Continue reading

Art & Culture (le cose belle)

This Weekend in Rome: January 27-January 29

Friday: There’s already plenty going on today, between Berlin DJ Boys Noize playing a set at Atlantico, awesome wine expo Sensofwine entering its second day at the Palazzo dei Congressi, and transportation workers across the nation going on strike, but there’s always room to add one more to the mix. And you’re in luck, because … Continue reading