Holidays & Festivals (festeggiamo)

Capodanno Cinese – Fireworks and Martial Arts

Piazza del Popolo heads east this Saturday to host a celebration of Chinese New Year! The Chinese Embassy will ring in the Year of the Dragon with an afternoon spectacle featuring acrobats, dancers, musicians, artists and magicians. The festivities start in Piazza del Popolo at 2pm on Saturday, and will feature the acrobats of Zhejiang, performers from the Yangge di Jiaozho dance company, a group of young singers and dancers from Shanghai, and a university group sharing traditional Chinese artistic pursuits, including fashion, dance and martial arts.

Roman Mayor Gianni Alemanno will be on hand to help Chinese Ambassador Ding Wei kick things off  with the ritual painting of the eye of the dragon – which, according to tradition, will animate the rest of the animals present at the celebration. The fun concludes with a fireworks show from the Pincio at 6:30.

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