How to See the Pope: Papal Audiences

An audience with the man in white, his Holiness, il Papa, the Pope.

Want to see the real, live leader of the Catholic Church?

You can. Every week. For free.

All you need to do is get a ticket. I recommend going the day before to get one (they often run out the day of). If you are facing St. Peter’s Basilica, go through the colonnade around the basilica to the left and you will see a small office occupied by the Swiss Guard. Go to the office and ask for a ticket for the weekly Papal audience. Every Wednesday at 10:30am, the Pope offers his official blessing to the masses. In the summer, they’re held right outside the basilica in St. Peter’s Square. In the winter though, they’re held inside, and if you want a good seat, go early. In many different languages, the Pope and his retinue offer a smattering of biblical readings and homilies and then Pope Benedict XVI offers his Blessing with arms extended to the crowd. At the end, he will even bless any religious articles you bring with you (rosary beads, etc.)–so you can bring a bit of holiness with you everywhere you go. (It’s like Gogurt, but with the sacred.)

A Holy Audience. I did not get there early and so had to sit in the back. If you want front row, get there early. The doors open around 8:30am.

Check out more info here: http://www.papalaudience.org/

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