Holidays & Festivals (festeggiamo)

Rome Science Festival 2012

Rome embraces the deeper questions in life this week with  the start of the annual Science Festival at the Auditorium at the Parco della Musica. The seventh edition of the festival, running from January 19-22, will focus on the question of Time – its reality, past, present and future.  The festival brings together top names in Italian and international scientific research, along with philosophers and scientific historians, to create a series of lectures and exhibitions for the public to explore these questions more deeply.  Many of the video and performance installations are there for the duration of the festival, including “L’uomo e il tempo: una gara eterna” (Man and Time: An Eternal Race), a participants-welcome exhibit measuring and examining reaction times to stimuli.

Check out the Festival Calendar for a complete listing of exhibitions, installations, and events. Most of the exhibitions are free entry, but tickets are required (and available online) for the events, including lectures from Smithsonian curator Ian Tattersal on the Deep Time of Evolution and a closing number from Giulio Giorello and Julian Barbour asking “Does Time Exist?”.

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