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You Can-Can Make Your Way to the Folies Bergère Exhibit

Has your recent viewing of Midnight in Paris left you yearning for more of Paris’ La belle époque? Head over to the Teatro Marcello area to catch a glimpse into the past the famed Parisian dance hall, Les Folies Bergère. Where the famous and lovely Josephine Baker got her start, Les Folies Bergère is a landmark of the charm and glamour of Paris in the early 20th Century. (The theater is still open in Paris, and can be found in the Pigalle area, the 9th arrondissement).

The exhibit, taking up only one room, is a collection of photographs, posters, postcards, and paintings (yay for alliteration). Some of the prints dates back to the 1870s, portraying can-can girls (le frou-frou in French), a lot of Josephine Baker (meaning mostly topless), other famous performers, and costumes and set designs from various shows. It was very interesting to get an idea of what kind of advertisements were popular in Paris at that time period, and also really great to see what kind of shows people were eager to attend.

While I enjoyed the exhibit very much, I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to see it, or make it a specific stop. It’s more of an I’m-in-the-area-let-me-stop-by kind of exhibit.
The show runs until February 2nd, and is FREE! For more information, check out the exhibit page, in Italian.

Where: Sala Santa Rita, Via Montanara, 3
When: Monday-Friday, 10 AM- 6 PM

One thought on “You Can-Can Make Your Way to the Folies Bergère Exhibit

  1. The parisian prints were inspiring, though it was disappointing how little stuff they’ve put in exposition. We’ve been told that there was a video room somewhere, in another building, but we gave up as there were no indications. Too bad to spend such an opportunity when Midnight in Paris in still in theaters.

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