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Olfactory Overload: Sensofwine at the Palazzo dei Congressi

Alright, wine and food lovers, pay attention. You all still here? Good. Now, imagine this. A large exhibition hall in EUR (a neighborhood in southern Rome, for the unfamiliar), just steps from the Fermi stop on the Metro B. Tables and tables filling the exhibition hall, divided into each of Italy’s regions. And at these tables? Wine and food producers from across the country – all here to offer you tastes and samples of their finest products and regional specialties. Heaven, you ask? Paradise, perchance? No, it’s simply Sensofwine, Italy’s leading wine and food tasting expo, making its annual appearance at Rome’s Palazzo dei Congressi this weekend, and open to all oenophiles.

The event begins Thursday, January 26th at 9:30pm, and runs through Sunday, January 29th. Tickets for the daytime sessions (Friday the 27th from 3-6pm, and Saturday and Sunday from noon-6pm) are 10 euro for wine tastings only, and 15 euro for the food pairings. The evening sessions (Thursday from 9:30-midnight and Friday-Sunday from 6-9pm) are 20 euro for the wine tastings and 25 with the food pairing. With over 300 producers offering and extraordinarily diverse range of sips and nibbles, it shouldn’t be too hard to get your money’s worth, and a pretty fantastic wine education to boot.


2 thoughts on “Olfactory Overload: Sensofwine at the Palazzo dei Congressi

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