Who wants a three day weekend? Sciopero tomorrow!

Hopefully you’re not trying to get anywhere beyond walking distance tomorrow, as the entire transportation industry of Italy seems to be going on strike. A taxi strike started several weeks ago, and has continued sporadically since then, picking up a few other supporters along the way. Truck drivers started striking in Sicily earlier this week, which is starting to ripple up the peninsula, holding up deliveries to supermarkets and factories all over the place. The striking drivers will be joined tomorrow by a massive one day national transportation strike – here in Rome, that means the buses, trams, metro lines, and Rome-Giardinetti and Rome-Viterbo train lines will not be running between 8:30am and 5pm, and again from 8pm until the end of the day tomorrow, Friday, January 27th. The railways begin their 24 hour demonstration tonight at 9pm, and night buses throughout the city are also not guaranteed tonight.

As always, a transportation strike does not mean everyone will participate, so you might get lucky with a bus or tram within the strike hours, but don’t count on it!  With clear skies and mild temperatures predicted for tomorrow, something tells me it’s the perfect day for a winter picnic.

2 thoughts on “Who wants a three day weekend? Sciopero tomorrow!

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