Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Figo, and co.

Want to say that something is ‘cool!’? Or maybe you want to point to a guy and say ‘he’s hot!’? The word in Italian would be: figo, pronounced feego. (Depending on the Italian region, one may say ‘fico‘ instead of ‘figo,’- which also means a fig- but I would say that I figo used more).

Figo– 1) As a hyperbolic American, I use ‘cool’ a lot (awesome, even more), so I  say figo quite a few times a day. E.g.- ‘Hai vista quel cellulare? Che figo!’ – Have you seen that cell? It’s cool!
2) Use figo to describe a hot guy. ‘Conosci Ryan Gosling? Che figo!’ – Do you know                  Ryan Gosling? He’s so hot!

Figata– a stronger version of figo, figata, means super cool. For example, ‘Hai visto la casa di Maurizio? Ha un jacuzzi! Che figata!’ – Did you see Maurizio’s house? He has a jacuzzi! That is super cool!

If you want to sound even more Italian throw a ‘stra’ in front of figo, strafigo, meaning way cool, or way hot. (And a word to the wise, you may not want to use ‘figa’ to describe a hot girl, because it also is a vulgar way of referring to female genitalia. Or maybe you do, you perv.)

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