Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Sciopero

If you’ve ever spent more than 10 days, consecutively, in Italy, chances are you have lived through a sciopero, or a strike. Sciopero, from the Italian verb, scioperare (to go on strike), means a strike or a walk out. I am not exactly sure why there are so many strikes in Italy, and so often. But sciopero is definitely a word that you need to know.

Why do I choose this word for today? Is it because we just had a strike this past Friday, January 27th? Good guess, but no. It’s because there is yet ANOTHER ONE scheduled for Monday, February 6th (the basic 24-hour strike, with service provided only until 8:30 AM; and from 5 PM -8PM). If you need to get to work/school on Monday, after our epic Super Bowl /Giants victory party on Sunday night, this means added aggravation to your already exhausted system. Sorry! Let’s all cross our fingers that they postpone this one…

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