This Weekend in Rome: February 3 – February 5

Friday: Schools are closed in Rome today due to risk of snow, so if you’re lucky enough to have the day off, consider spending it indulging in fried stuffs. Tavole Romane is in the midst of their contest to determine the best suppli in Rome, so take advantage of your free time and hit up as many purveyors of these rockin’ rice balls as possible…and don’t forget to vote after!  Provided the impending blizzardino (Word of the Day, coming soon!) doesn’t render the streets impassable, head to the MACRO on Via Nizza tonight at 6 to see French artist, photographer, and sculptor Jean-Marc Bustamante discuss his new show, opening Sunday at the Villa Medici. Entry is free, but seats are limited.

Saturday: Saturdays make great museum days, and since no one’s going to be wanting to spend much time outside this weekend, head to the Capitoline to see their Pinturicchio comparison exhibit for free, or over to Palazzo Altemps for the second to last day of Heroines of Style: Italian fashion dresses the Risorgimento – a look at Italian fashion around the time of the unification, 150 years ago.  If you’ve seen those already, the Museo della Civilta Romana in EUR is opening a retrospective of Albanian contemporary art. I’m no expert, but that sounds kinda cool.  To chill out in the evening, catch Young in Rome’s preferred Italian blues guitarist Roberto Ciotti as he makes his monthly voyage to the stage of Big Mama Jazz Club in Trastevere.

Sunday: Sunday, February 5th. It’s finally here. The event you’ve been waiting for all year. That’s right, get your sleep folks, because Sunday night is the 2nd Annual Young in Rome Super Bowl Party at Penny Lane!  Although kick-off isn’t technically until Monday morning around midnight thirty, there’s no reason to not get there early and take advantage of this pub’s potable offerings. Also, check out Buzz in Rome’s roundup of other Super Bowl watch parties across the city.

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