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Thursday Jazz: Tess and the Yellow Cabbies at Il Pentagrappolo

The Roman jazz scene gets a little injection of New York attitude tomorrow night with the debut performance by Tess and the Yellow Cabbies at Il Pentagrappolo, near the Colosseum. Led by songstress Tess Amodeo-Vickery, this new jazz trio features a sound evoking that shady, sinister underground of jazz and blues haunted by music’s most … Continue reading

Art & Culture (le cose belle) / Historical Sites (l'antichità)

Santo Stefano Rotondo

I like circles. Squares are bad. But for some odd reason (practicality, most likely), we as a species have shunned the circular building in modern times. The obvious exception to this would be stadiums, but their raucous atmosphere defeats the calm that one tends to experience in the absence of corners. When Supreme Leader Gingrich … Continue reading