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Zvia Talks to Romans: Intiman, Singer of Bassmati

Inti is the singer (and more) of the Italian group Bassmati. He is all very underground and too cool for school, and I talked to him!

Name: Intiman
Age: 27
Where are you from? My mom is Bolivian, my dad is Italian. I was born in Siena, but always lived in Rome.
Which was the last restaurant in which you ate? I can’t say, because I bailed on the check. (sooo rock n’ roll! And not condoned by Young in Rome 🙂 )
Where was the last place you partied? It was a discopub!
Where do you like to go and listen to music, or see shows? Anywhere that has space for dancing and smoking, and where I can find someone with whom to speak badly of the band that is playing.
What was your first concert? It was the Asian Dub Foundation, and I was 14 years old. As soon as we left, some hoodlum chased after us and hit my friend. I think at that point I realized I wanted to be a musician.
What was your first CD? I believe it was a tape of the Spice Girls.
What was the last song you listened to? Madonna’s single with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj.
Who are you favorite bands or signers? They change from one minute to the next: I love them and then I hate them. Let’s say around 240 different musicians any given day.
In your opinion, who produces the most interesting and stimulating music today? Whoever lives the music with emotion and fetishism.
Would you like to jam with any other musician? I don’t have any preferences.
What is your job at the moment?
I am a sound engineer, a producer, and a performer.
Do you have your own band? Yes, it’s called Bassmati.
How did you choose that name? We were all quite drunk and eating some rice, all while listening to dubstep.
Who else is in the group? Other musicians that play other instruments.
What is your role in Bassmati? I coordinate the production, write lyrics, direct, and dance.
What kind of music does Bassmati play? It’s a mix of rock (a la NOFX), drum and bass, and rap.
Who are other groups or musicians that have influenced you? Pendulum, Offspring, Korn, Foreign Beggars, and the Spice Girls. [sic.]
How long does it take to finish a song? Anywhere from 1 hour to 10 years.
How would you describe the music scene in Rome? People don’t really listen to music: they do aperitivi (happy hours) mostly, but it’s OK.
Have you guys released an album yet? I am currently crafting the band. Aside from the sound, there is also the image to consider. It’ll take a few months.
Is Bassmati performing anywhere soon? Yea, we have 2 concerts coming up, but in some pretty dangerous underground locales. I strongly discourage you from attending. (Ouch! Doesn’t he know I’m from BROOKLYN?!)

Even if Bassmati’s concerts are too underground for us doe-eyed expats, we can still have a listen to Intiman’s mixtape, now available as a free download. It is Intiman’s mix, (as opposed to Bassmati’s), featuring well-known Italian rappers as well. 
But if you want to keep abreast of all of Bassmati’s concerts and singles, visit their Facebook page


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