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Fat Tuesday Fêtes

Today is Fat Tuesday, or in French, Mardi Gras, or, in Italian Martedì Grasso. That means that it’s the last night one can go balls-to-the-walls and indulge in all things rich, and fat, and gluttonous, before Lent starts (tomorrow, Ash Wednesday). Consequently, a few locales are holding events tonight, offering you opportunities to go wild, before you start your ascetic lenten life.

Rock Carnival Party – Put your mask on and head over to Pigneto’s Circolo degli Artisti(Warning- if you don’t come with a mask or a costume, they will dress you up themselves!) There will be two DJs spinning rock music, for your dancing pleasure. If you reserve in advance, you can also partake in their €10 all-you-can-eat pizza dinner spectacular!!
Cost: €5 with mask, €8 without. €10 for the stuff-your-face-with-pizza dinner.
For more info in Italian, check out Circolo’s site or the Facebook event.

Vintage Carnival Party – For Lanificio‘s party, you must attend wearing at least one retro item to show off! Starting at 10:30 PM, a DJ will be playing a mix of indie-rock, funk, pop-dance, and vintage. Feel good about attending this party, because all proceeds go to  AMKA development projects in the Congo and Guatemala.
Cost: €10 including a drink.
For more info in Italian, check out Lanificio’s site, or the Facebook event.

Hollywood Party – “The theme of the night is cinema, so you put on the mask/costume, and we’ll put on the makeup” – explains the tagline of Caffè Letterario‘s party. The night begins with an aperitivo/cena at 7:30 PM, leading to a DJ set lasting until 3 AM. For those who want the makeup session, don’t forget to reserve!
Cost: €15 for aperitivo/cena + DJ set
For more info, in Italian, and the number to reserve your free making-up, check out the Facebook event.

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

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