Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: DAJE!

This is as Roman as it gets…

Daje is simply the Italian word dai, said with a Roman accent, or rather, in the Roman dialect. Dai is the Italian equivalent of ‘come on!’

Said in Roman dialect however, daje has more than just the one meaning of ‘come on.’ And just to clarify, it’s pronounced like ‘daayeh.’

Meaning number 1:
Daje like ‘Hurry up!’ – For example, ‘Cosa aspetti? Daje!‘ – ‘What are you waiting for? Hurry up!’

Meaning number 2:
Daje like ‘Come on!’ For example: ‘Cosa non capisci? Daje!’ – ‘What don’t you understand? Come on!’ (This meaning is closely related to meaning number 1).

Meaning number 3:
Daje like ‘OK.’ For example: ‘Ci vediamo stasera?’ ‘Daje.‘ – ‘Are we seeing each other tonight?’ ‘OK.’

Meaning number 4:
Daje like- ‘F**k yeah!’ Pardon my English, but no other phrase really captures this meaning of daje like that one… For example, ‘Daje Roma!!’ – ‘Go Roma!’ (The soccer team).

Meaning number 5:
With slight variation- Aridaje– meaning ‘again?!’ For example, ‘Pasta….ancora? Aridaje?!‘ – ‘More pasta?…Again?!

If you want to sound super Roman, go for the ‘eeddaaajjeeee’ prolonged pronunciation.

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