Where to Sway Awkwardly this Weekend: Zvia’s Picks

  Friday, March 30th: Lucy –  Head over to GOA on Friday night for some good ol’ minimal, dub, ambient sounds from Italian-moved-to-Berlin-to-become-famous-DJ, Luca Mortellaro, better known by the feminine moniker Lucy.  But remember, as the write-up for this event informs, ‘First of all, Lucy does not have breasts.’ Giorgio Gigli, another Italian who picked … Continue reading

Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Cucchiaiando

I know what you’re [probably] thinking: ‘Wow, 4 vowels in a row!’ Whether or not other words exist in Italian that have that multiple vowels in a row,* I just took the liberty and created one: cucchiaiando, or in English, spooning. The infinitive? Cucchiaiare. Another word in Young in Rome’s series of created Italian words, cucchiaiando, spooning, … Continue reading

Music & Nightlife (dove c'è la musica è tutto bello)

DIGITALISM spielt in Rom!

Super geniale electro-house DJ-Duo, Digitalism, spielt in Rom am 3. April! Hole dir deine Konzertkarten! Oh you don’t speak German? Fiiiiiiiine, English it is… Digitalism are a German dance-electro-house-punk duo, founded in 2004 in Hamburg, made up by Jens  “Jence”  Moelle  and  İsmail “Isi” Tüfekçi (That’s an umlaut and a squiggly ‘c‘ right there). Their most famous songs? Pogo and Zdarlight, just to name … Continue reading

Art & Culture (le cose belle)

Review: Dalí at the Vittoriano

A blockbuster beginning to the spring museum season in Rome, the recently opened Dalí exhibition at the Vittoriano takes the novel, if not completely convincing, approach of presenting Italy as a shaping force in his work. It is a chaotic, vibrant, information-heavy exhibition that above all seeks to establish strong links between Dalí’s personal life … Continue reading