Dancing: March 9 and 10

Tonight at Angelo Mai

Alls I can say is that it’s going to be a great weekend. (But don’t party too hard on Friday night because Saturday is the first day of the Spirit of Scotland Whisky Festival! To come: super in-depth coverage of the festival via Young in Rome…)

Friday March 9th:
Rebel Rebel Warehouse: This wont be your typical night out, mostly because you’ll have to travel all the way to the Olympic Stadium area (buses 32, 280, 224, 2 tram…). Anywho, every now and then, Rebel-Rebel hold events in Rome, in various locations, and tonight it is in a warehouse in the Ponte Milvio area of Rome. Nina Kraviz, Fred P, and Zero will all be doing DJ sets tonight. Sounds pretttttty good to me.
More info on the Facebook invite. Costs €10. Note: It starts at 1 am, and goes to 6!
Say It Loud: A conglomerate of Italian artists and musicians, Say It Loud throws parties all over Rome, and tonight they are holding one at Angelo Mai. It will be a mix of deep techno and minimal. With ‘Say It Loud’ you can always bet on a good time.
More info on the Facebook invite. I’m not sure how much it costs, I’d say 7-10 euros. Soundstream: At Lanificio you can get down to the tracks of Berlin DJ, Soundstream. They describe, ‘this boy serves cuisine instead of fast food.’ Boom! There are two other DJs playing as well, and it costs €10 + drink to get in. This actually sounds like a great night from their description in English, on the locale’s site or on Facebook.
Madeon: I am sharing this event with you all, going down at AKAB, only because the guest DJ is 18! He is apparently some French music prodigy, and has been spinning since he was 14. I’d go just to see if he gets carded at the bar… Aaah he was born in the 90s!
More info on the Facebook invite. It’s €10 + drink if you rsvp, otherwise €15.

Saturday March 10th:
Afrodisia: Head back over to Angelo Mai for a night based on hip hop +  reggae + dubstep, featuring Nazizi, the ‘First Lady’ of Kenyan rap. More info on their site.
Franz & Shape + Der Noir: In few words (only because I couldn’t find more info), the Animal Social club is hosting a night of  ‘electro, techno, and a sweet kick of dark wave synthetic’ as publicized on Roma Zero’s website. Succinct, but enough to entice my dancing self. Plus, it’s only €7!
Supersonic 2012: Super famous DJ Benny Benassi will be playing at Atlantico. He will be followed by four other djs as well, so the €35 it costs to get in should be well worth it!
For more info, check out the Facebook invite.

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