Music & Nightlife (dove c'è la musica è tutto bello)


Your excitement for this show is certainly justified.

The electro gods have answered my 2+ years of prayers! JUSTICE IS COMING TO ROME!! The French electronic music duo will be playing at the Ippodromo Capannelle (no not in EUR!). They are finally coming, and coming as part of this summer’s Rock in Roma series! They will be facilitating my own personal ‘dance-my-face-off’ Roma summer series on Sunday, July 8th.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, March 14th, at 3 PM. You can find them on Ticketone for a hefty-but-oh-so-worth-it price of 35 euros!
For more info check out the Ticketone event page, or Roma in the Club’s event page, both in Italian.

I don’t even think I should have to tell you guys about Justice, but just in case, here are some of my favorite ditties by the freaking spectacular duo:
We Are Your Friends
– Genesis
Let There Be Light

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