Word of the Day (la parola del giorno)

Word of the Day: Tajà

You know when something is so funny that you could split into two just laughing about it (figuratively of course)? Well that, in Roman slang, is making you tajà

Tagliare in Italian means to cut, or to trim. Said in the Roman way, it becomes tajare (pronounced tayare). Or in reflexive form, tajasse (how they say tagliarsi in Rome)Just like we split our sides in a fit of laughter, the Romans laugh so much that they are ‘cut down’ as well. And like most other Roman words, tajare or tajasse must get shortened to tajà.
Tajà can also mean to have fun, or another way of saying, divertirsi, in Roman slang. In this sense, it is used mostly in the reflexive form, tajasse.

Tajà (tajare)
– “Costantino ha sempre la battuta pronta, me fa tajà!” – Costantino is always ready with a joke, he cracks me up!

– “Venerdì sera sò andata da un’amica per ‘Ladies Night.’ Me sò troppo tajata!” – On Friday night I went to a friend’s house for ‘Ladies Night.’ I had way too much fun!

– “Hai visto come balla Giuseppe? Che tajo!” – Have you seen how Giuseppe dances? What a laugh!

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