Where to Sway Awkwardly this Weekend: Zvia’s Picks


Poster for L-EKTRICA

Friday, March 30th:

Lucy –  Head over to GOA on Friday night for some good ol’ minimal, dub, ambient sounds from Italian-moved-to-Berlin-to-become-famous-DJ, Luca Mortellaro, better known by the feminine moniker Lucy.  But remember, as the write-up for this event informs, ‘First of all, Lucy does not have breasts.’
Giorgio Gigli, another Italian who picked up and moved to Berlin, will be spinning as well. Doors open at 11:30 PM.
Cost: €15 + drink
Where: GOA- Via G.Libetta 13
For more info check out Roma Zero’s event page, in Italian.

Trentemøller – If there is a slash through the ‘o,’ does that mean it doesn’t really exist? But really, Trentemøller is quite the famous Danish minimal DJ. Spinning since ’97, he’s currently on tour, and bringing his minimal and electro-ish beats to Rome. He will be playing at Alpheus, along with a long line up of other DJs. Doors open at 11:30 PM.
Cost: €30
Where: Alpheus- Via del Commercio, 36
For more info and the DJ lineup check out the Facebook event page.

Saturday, March 31st:

L-EKTRICA SPRING ATTITUDE – For fans of electronic music, this is a ‘must go’ event! There are multiple awesome electro DJs gathering in Rome on Saturday at Spazio 900 to bring us a whole night of music, lasting til the brink of… almost sunrise.
The line-up is impressive and I can barely contain myself just talking about it!! There will be: Who Made Who, Gold Panda, Busy P, Gesaffelstein, and Andrea Esu & Fabrice. Doors open at 10 PM.
Cost: €23
Where: Spazio 900- Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 26/B
For more info, all in Italian of course, check out the event’s site or Facebook event.

L’indispensabile – Or in other words, the essential-necessary. Angelo Mai is hosting quite a night of mixed bag pleasures. As they describe in the write-up ‘This is not a show, it’s an experience. An essential experience.’ Well when they say it like that…
So what exactly does this ‘experience’ offer us? Well first and foremost, a showing of Fabrizio Cicero‘s artwork, a Young in Rome interviewee and all-around favorite. The rest is kind of vague, as I think they want it to be, but from what I understand there will also be a DJ set, art exhibits, and performances.
Check out the event’s page, in Italian. Maybe you can make more sense of it.


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