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Dance Away the First of May

Since tomorrow’s a holiday anyway, you should probably just spend tonight dancing…and tomorrow too, for good measure. April 30th: SMD / Houle / Beyer: This one will be huge as three awesome famous DJs take over Spazio Novecento tonight. Adam Beyer, hot off the Swedish techno scene will start the night, followed by the British electro-dance DJ duo … Continue reading

Opinion & Comment (pensieri e perplessità)

Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico?

Take a second and let this song get sufficiently stuck in your head. Cool. On with the post. Welcome to the inaugural, official, Young-in-Rome-sponsored contest: Where in Rome is Cardinal San Domenico? Our dear friend San Domenico is posing oh so seductively in the picture above in an unspecified location. The first person to post in the … Continue reading