For It’s One…Two…Three Strikes You’re Out

A little transportation update for you all in anticipation of this weekend:

Friday, April 20th – General ATAC strike in Rome. From 8:30am-5pm and from 8pm-end of service all buses, Metro lines, and light rails are on strike. As always, this just means there is no guarantee of service, although you will still see the occasional rogue bus rolling by. Additionally, night buses this evening, April 19th, are considered at risk for strike, so plan accordingly.

Saturday, April 21st-Sunday, April 22nd – All Trenitalia personnel will be on strike from 9pm on Saturday until 9pm on Sunday.  While Trenitalia is required by law to provide “essential services”, what exactly that entails is unclear, so save yourself a headache and don’t plan train travel for this weekend.

Monday, April 23rd – Not wanting to be left out of the party, Alitalia personnel will be on strike for 4 hours on Monday – from noon to 4pm.  If you have a flight at any point on Monday, double check to see whether this will affect you and your travel plans.


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