This Weekend in Rome: April 20-April 22

Friday: It’s the last Friday of Culture Week, so take advantage of many of Rome’s treasures for free. If these grey skies clear up in time, head to Castel Sant’Angelo to enjoy a sunset view from the top of the castle – or stop at the bar on your way up for a beer or prosecco to aid in your sunset viewing. If you choose to spend your Culture Week Friday at the Capitoline Museums (note – there is still a 3.50 fee there for the Lux in Arcana: Vatican Secret Archives show, but it is totally worth it), plan your visit to be in the Campidoglio (the main piazza in the center of the Capitoline) at 3:30pm for the start of Rome’s birthday festivities. That’s right, Rome is turning 2,765 tomorrow, and she’s kicking things off with what is only described as a “fire lighting ceremony” at the Campidoglio this afternoon.

Saturday: This is it. Il compleanno. The celebration. The big 2-7-6-5. Rome is having a birthday and we’re not about to let that slip by without celebration. Buzz in Rome has a great roundup of all the events, we have an interview with the founder of Rome himself, Signore Romulus, and Trajan’s Market is putting on a huge light show at 11pm (although we’re guessing it’s not soundtracked by Pink Floyd).  If you want to pick up a present for Rome, Saturday favorite Mercato Monti is open all day at Via Leonina 46, with lots of local artisans showing off their wares.

Sunday: Denizens of the night Tess and the Yellow Cabbies are bringing their act into the daylight hours with a special American Jazz Brunch on Sunday at 1pm.  Bgallerycafe in Trastevere is hosting the sultry chanteuse and her talented trio, where you can wash down the tunes with a Bloody Mary and some pancakes. Later on Sunday, catch English-Canadian electronic music DJ Richie Hawtin at GOA (Via G. Libetta, 13). With 20+ years of experience in the music scene, and personally influencing Detroit’s second wave of techno musicians in the 1990s, Hawtin is not to be missed. Doors open at 6pm, but don’t count on it starting that early…

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